We're sorry but the pre-sale tickets are sold out. You may still purchase a very limited number of tickets at the door on the night of the event.

On March 7, the legendary DJ Krush will add his name to the list of acclaimed DJs who have graced the decks at GEM BAR.

Born in 1962 Tokyo, the gifted producer and turntablist, Ishi Hideaki aka DJ Krush, is revered for his live mixing and sound composition. In a career spanning three decades, he has performed in front of over 5 million audiences across 313 cities in 50 countries and has garnered undeniable respect from both his peers and fans.

Today, he continues to transcend all barriers and paves the way for future beatmakers through his craft. GEM BAR is proud to host the master himself and we promise an intimate night of experimental hip-hop and distinguished soundscapes.

To open this momentous evening, Kiat takes on pre-Krush duties to lubricate your aural senses. Just as DJ Krush is regarded as the godfather of abstract hip-hop, Kiat is known as Singapore's forefather of bass.

The co-founder of audio-visual collective Syndicate has been championing the darker side of electronica for over 17 years. From the decks to the studio, Kiat leans towards quality breaks, heavy basslines, leftfield influences and everything discerning in between.